Experience-based Peacebuilding – Practices and Perspectives from Different Regions (2016)

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The Presidential Agency for the International Cooperation of Colombia (APC Colombia) in alliance with the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) present Saber Hacer Colombia, a portfolio of national and local processes that have served as significant learning experiences. In contributing to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, these experiences are worthy of being shared throughout the country and with the rest of the world through the projects and programs of South-South Cooperation, the Triangular Initiative and Col-Col (information-sharing among Colombian territories).

Of the 19 experiences that are included in this series on peace, 15 of them are from Colombia and four are international. These experiences express the vast amount of practices, experiences and knowledge that are present in the country and internationally that may inspire and guide national and local stakeholders and members of the international community who have the expectation to take an active role in implementing and supporting peacebuilding processes in the post-conflict phase.

Through the process of documenting these experiences, together with the other partners that support this initiative, APC-Colombia will begin to establish different information-sharing mechanisms, will hold conferences on shared knowledge and will serve as a guide for international cooperation. The purpose of these efforts is to incorporate learned experiences and to encourage the involvement of change leaders that have been acknowledged in these case studies.

APC-Colombia and UNOSSC would like to thank all of the agencies that participated in recounting these experiences, provided important local contacts, strengthened our methodology and reviewed our case studies. We would also like to thank those change leaders who have dedicated their lives to transforming the country, and who have a wealth of experience that is important to learn from, incorporate and adapt.


Jorge Chediek
Envoy of the Secretary-General on South-South Cooperation and Director of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation

Alejandro Gamboa Castilla
Director General, Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia