Trilateral South-South Cooperation in Brazil – learn more through these reports

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UNICEF supports the Government of Brazil in implementing its South-South Cooperation agenda under the framework of a partnership agreement on Trilateral South-South Cooperation (TSSC). It is based on a mutual commitment to the most vulnerable children, adolescents and their families. TSSC works to deliver results more efficiently for children across the world, by supporting, brokering and facilitating the exchange of technical expertise and successful practices between countries, within the scope of the UNICEF mandate. The UNICEF country office in Brazil has a unit specially dedicated to promoting South-South Cooperation.

Learn more about the UNICEF support to Brazil’s South-South Cooperation agenda through these two reports:

1. This report provides an overview of 10 experiences of Brazil’s Trilateral South-South Cooperation that UNICEF facilitated in 2014 and 2015. It presents the activities that have been implemented, some of the key lessons learned and some proposals for the next steps to be taken.

2. This study systematizes key lessons from UNICEF Brazil’s experiences and seeks to support knowledge sharing and improve UNICEF’s understanding of the strategic value of SSC. It explores the perspective of partners in Brazil and in other developing countries engaged in UNICEF’s Trilateral South-South Cooperation (TSSC) programme.