World Bank Results Story: South-South Knowledge Exchange to Improve Teacher Quality in Moldova

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In July 2015, a team from Moldova visited major institutions in Santiago, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. The team learned about how Chile has implemented education reforms. Particularly enlightening was information about a planned new education law that would lead to strategic changes in teacher policies, training scholarship, and performance agreements. In Brasilia, experts from the Ministry of Education provided an overview of the National Plan of Education and fundamental policies and reforms that have been implemented in that country. Participants from Moldova learned about a system for the diagnosis, planning and evaluation of education policies, and the Basic Education Development Index, which has facilitated a number of quality-enhancing initiatives in Brazil. The Moldovans also met with the Municipal Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro to discuss teacher training, recruitment, performance evaluation and the incentive system to improve the quality of education practiced by the municipality.

Two key points were emphasized in all meetings: the importance of assessing student learning and monitoring educational performance for increased system, school and teacher accountability; and informed policy design to develop and retain quality teachers.