The Qiao Plan: Building Capacity of the Global South to Address Climate Change

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The world has agreed on setting a goal to combat climate change by taking progressive actions under the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda. Mobilizing the private sector and philanthropic movement in the international development space is an important way to tackle the most challenging global issues, such as climate change. One of such innovative, collaborative projects initiated by the UNOSSC and its partners is the Qiao plan that supports climate action and nature conservation activities in developing countries and regions. At the annual fourth East-West Philanthropists Summit held in Hawaii, UNOSSC launched the Qiao plan in a collaboration with the Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation, which hopes to identify the most suitable projects and provide financial support in the next five years from 2018 to 2023.

Jorge Chediek (pictured in the center), Special Envoy of UNOSSC to the UN Secretary General and Director of UNOSSC, said that “the Qiao plan will build a bridge for international cooperation and enhance climate partnerships, and help countries in the Southern Hemisphere cope with climate change and strengthen environmental protection measures.” If you are representing a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, international institution, think-tank, and university, working to develop clean, efficient, and renewable energy solutions at the local level in a developing country or regional contexts, this grant might be the right fit for you to make a difference in your community.

The Qiao plan will also support projects that focus on conservation of the forests, wetlands, grasslands, and their ecosystems to strengthen climate resilience in a cost-effective and sustainable way. Finally, if you work in the private sector and civil society to take climate actions and promote low carbon and climate-resilient development solutions, the Qiao plan might help you get there! The Qiao plan is an especially unique opportunity, showcasing a strong potential for South-South Cooperation in addressing climate change, as it is the first major non-State trust fund project since the Paris Agreement. Please click here for more information and consider to apply for the grant by May 20, 2018.


The UNOSSC Climate Change team is spearheaded by Mr. Xiaohua Zhang, who has a wealth of experience in climate and sustainable development programme management in the UN system. Follow our office’s work on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for more information. Stay tuned for additional UNOSSC monthly blog posts at