Skills Training for women as part of the India-UN Development Partnership Fund is ongoing in Liberia

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September 11, 2018 Rivercess County, Liberia

The skills training component for rural women and young girls, as part of the “Developing Minds, Empowering Communities” project is ongoing. This initiative is implemented by Keep Liberia, in partnership with UNICEF Liberia and supported by the India-UN Development Partnership Fund.

A ceremony, held to commence the skills training activities, was attended by the Head of Rural Women, County Monitoring and Information Officers, Head of Traditional leaders of Rivercess, and youth and students from various communities in Cestos City.

This US$270,000-project imparts a tailoring program and a liquid soap and detergent-making intervention for rural women in Rivercess County. The first cycle of the training program will last four months and already has an enrollment of 85 women – 45 women are involved in the tailoring program and 40 are enrolled in the product making class.

The “Developing Minds, Empowering Communities” project has four main components: 1. Construction of the Learning Resource Center which will contain a mini library, a computer lab with 20 desk top computers for computer literacy trainings, a women’s training space 2. Improving reading outcomes for students through trainings for teachers 3. Skills Training for rural women and young girls, and 4. Computer Literacy training.


Teacher Training Program in Rivercess County


In July, the first round of teachers training in pedagogy and reading strategies, utilizing the Ministry of Education reading curriculum was completed and 47 teachers from 47 public schools were trained by qualified teacher training professionals.

These trainings are part of the ongoing development efforts, supported by the Government of India through The India-UN development Partnership Fund that continues to forge partnerships in the Global South towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

For more information on the reading and teachers training program please click the link: