Human Welfare and Peace through Development of Science and Technology – Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (2018)

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Laying emphasis on the development of science and technology throughout the world by adopting a non- profit approach and maintaining full independence,
the Mustafa(pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) has sought to celebrate the scientists of the Islamic world and appreciate their endeavours and, at the same time, train future scientists. Through concerted efforts the Foundation develops cooperation, synergy, and convergence in the realm of modern science and new technologies among Islamic nations and other, and also puts effort into portraying distinguished figures in science and technology as role models. The Foundation is committed to improving general welfare worldwide by helping people to benefit from values such as human dignity and stewardship, supporting the development of science and technology, education, uncovering the truth, and shouldering social responsibilities. The MSTF identifies the fulfilment of this momentous task with the development of interconnected circles of society. It is committed to the improvement of the welfare, security, and health of society in “the breathing cycle of science and technology” taking the form of “the path of life in science and technology”. Hence, as it seeks to raise the scientific and technological status of world’s scientists, and build a common scientific consensus on technological dynamism, benefiting human society through scientific accomplishments, and increasing the influence of scientists in international scientific interactions; the Foundation will endeavour to extend its promotional and supportive activities in 6 different areas:

1. Promoting public awareness in science and technology
2. Improving the educational and research atmosphere for students
3. Encouraging the scientific community to utilize scientific findings to solve social issues
4. Supporting the establishment of scientific networks throughout the world
5. Identifying distinguished scientists and benefiting from their potential to enhance the well-being of humanity
6. Developing scientific and technological cooperation with scientific centers at international level