Palestinian International Cooperation Agency: Solidarity through Cooperation and Development (2018)

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On January 2016, H.E President Mahmoud Abbas established the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA) through a presidential decree; as a mechanism to share solidarity, show gratitude and promote contributions. Its creation is a reection of a deep faith in the national responsibility towards the international community and is an expression of appreciation for the support given to the State of Palestine over the years.

PICA is the main public diplomacy tool of the State of Palestine focusing on developmental diplomacy and is the national coordinator for South-South Cooperation. It maximizes knowledge sharing, enriches development cooperation, develops international development process that exists in the South and enhances the role of Palestine as an agent of positive change in the world. Palestine is honored to capitalize on its contributions to the international eorts in the eld of development and humanitarian cooperation. In the last two years, the State of Palestine is proud to contribute to resilient development policy making through technical cooperation and by sharing development experience.

PICA is mandated to deploy Palestinian human capital to design and implement sustainable development solutions through South-South cooperation that contributes to achieving 2030 agenda, in order to play an active role in having a resilient world united by solidarity through development.

PICA envisions that sustainable development becomes a reality through fruitful cooperation and solidarity within a just and prosperous international community, leaving no one behind.

Guided by solidarity through development, PICA is shaping a new humanitarian-development partnership between the State of Palestine and other developing countries. PICA values partnerships, fosters collaboration and seeks to mobilize its relevant and adaptable experiences to provide technical cooperation and humanitarian assistance to support partner countries in responding to crises and tackling common development challenges with the aim of promoting South-South cooperation. It does not substitute but rather complements North South cooperation.

By strongly believing in the strength of South-South Cooperation spirit, this publication created by PICA demonstrates joint solutions and resilient development practices that have been undertaken for the purpose of sharing experience and solidarity. PICA orientates towards the achievement of internationally agreed development goals with other partners in the south, transforming challenges into development opportunities.