Global One 2015 – Faith-based advances in developmental, humanitarian and environmental spheres (2019)

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This series is about showcasing South-South unity in action and Global One’s activities encapsulate the true meaning of South-South cooperation to build sustainable development. The regions of intervention are Africa, Asia and the Arab States. This publication outlines the key areas where exchange of ideas and knowledge has been shared between the various developing countries where Global One is working, contextualised and adapted so that the programmes benefit from their shared experiences. With Global One’s passion and determination to eradicate poverty, social injustice and inequality, it has encompassed a number of the UN SDGs.

The key elements which are highlighted in this publication are:-

1] A faith-based approach to development and its impact

2] A focus on women – widows, refugee women and adolescent girls

3] A programme design that accommodates cultural and faith sensitivities and environmental sustainability

4] The need to capture evidence and record impacts through qualitative and quantitative research.

5] Recognition that unless ideologies, hearts and minds are changed, the habits of communities will not change.

The programmes selected for this publication are focused on a number of the SDGs and in some instances, because of the holistic approach of the programmes, more than one may be covered within one project. These are:-

1] Healthcare

2] Agriculture and livelihoods

3] Water, sanitation and hygiene

4] Environmental sustainability

The challenges and recommendations moving forward are very much focused on capacity-building of the teams at the coal face and generating sustainable income streams to support the interventions.