The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (2019)

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This SSiA report is a result of intellectual credence, wisdom and exemplary dedication by members of the ACP Family as well as generous contributions from partner organisations, particularly the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation.

The ACP Secretariat therefore, wishes to convey a word of appreciation to many individuals and institutions which contributed to the publication with guidance, ideas, materials as well as by providing case studies and examples of their work on the ground in the 79 ACP Member States.

We are deeply appreciative of the guidance provided by ACP Secretariat’s Management team under the overall supervision of the Secretary-General, His Excellency, Dr. Patrick Gomes. In particular, we wish to thank the team for the instrumental role it played to bring this report to light at a crucial time when the ACP Group is at the crossroad to reposition itself to better tackle the challenges of the contemporary World and to meet the expectations of our peoples towards the implementation of the Agenda 2030 and of regional and national development strategies.

Our deepest gratitude also goes to all our colleagues from various departments and services of the ACP Secretariat and the Project Management Units for their efforts and contributions.

Recognising that the list would be too long to name them all, it is fair to express our indebtedness to our former colleague, Mrs. Josephine Latu-Sanft. We wish to commend her for the sterling work in gathering, compiling the available information, and drafting the report taking on board many rich exchange of views on the best way to integrate the plethora of ACP experiences and best practices in advancing South-South cooperation and Triangular cooperation.

We are more than deeply grateful to the UNOSCC contribution and, particularly of Mr. Michael Stewart whose technical and editorial guidance are highly appreciated.

We wish to commend him and the team for their assistance and close cooperation with the ACP team.

Finally, we wish to thank each and everyone who, in one way or another, provided contributions to make this report a success.