China-Japan-Korea Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat and UNOSSC Agree to Collaborate

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The China-Japan-Korea Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat and UNOSSC today agreed to take the initial steps towards expanded development cooperation. At the meeting with Mr. Jong-Heon Lee, Secretary-General of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS), Jorge Chediek, Director of UNOSSC and Envoy of the Secretary-General on South-South Cooperation, noted that the three countries are very important for South-South and triangular cooperation. He noted that China is rapidly scaling up its South-South cooperation activities; that Japan is a pioneer of triangular cooperation; and that UNOSSC has collaborated with the Republic of Korea for over 8 years.

The initial collaborative steps will include compiling a South-South in Action publication that will capture the strength of the TCS, particularly in peacekeeping and building stability and prosperity. The TCS will be able to share its experiences with other Regional institutions through UNOSSC fora such as the Global South-South Development Expo.

The TCS Secretary-General emphasized that the three countries together contribute to over 20 percent of the world economy, making them very significant players in development cooperation. He noted that despite this, the challenges facing the world today require cooperation and that all countries have potential to be both provider and beneficiary. Mr. Chediek agreed, “There is no country large enough that it does not need advice or country small enough to be unable to offer any assistance.” This was the first meeting between UNOSCC and TCS.