India-UN Development Partnership Fund Building Pandemic Responses through South-South Collaboration

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India-UN Development Partnership Fund supported hospital construction in Antigua and Barbuda.

The India-UN Development Partnership Fund, managed by UNOSSC, is working rapidly to support projects responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Projects are supplying medical equipment, and will be building healthcare capacities, mitigating socio-economic impact and catalyzing transformative recovery.

Specifically, in Antigua and Barbuda the Fund aims to strengthen national health capacities and reduce socio-economic and negative development impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. In support of COVID-19 response efforts of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, UNDP, immediately purchased urgently needed medical ventilators. In St. Lucia, UNDP will be supporting the Government to procure urgent medical supplies. In addition, toward development of a food security strategy, with WFP’s support, vulnerable households will be identified, and mechanisms will be developed to facilitate cash-transfers and in-kind support. The objective is  transformative economic reactivation through the transition of small businesses and the informal sector to a more sustainable model for the period of social distancing and beyond – their offers will be diversified to online service, home-safe delivery and telework.

Moving forward, among others, the Fund will strengthen national health capacities to address the COVID-19 crisis in Palau. Emergency medical supplies will be purchased and testing capacity expanded.

A request from the government of Papua New Guinea to purchase five ambulances and five police cars is favourably considered and is awaiting submission to the Fund of key request parameters.

The Fund will also be supporting the purchase and installation of a new incinerator at the General Hospital in Grenada to properly manage biomedical waste. This project, implemented by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), will immediately address the dangers of hazardous fumes being expelled by the current incinerator.

During this most challenging time, the India Fund is leveraging the strengths of the UN system to fast-track and implement transformative projects upon the request of national governments.

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