Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation of Iran to Convene Virtual Summit to Synergize Covid-19 Responses

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Focusing on South-South collaboration to address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Science and Technology Exchange Program, organized by Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation of Iran, together with its partners, is organizing the 7th STEP summit virtually May 18 and 28, 2020.

The first day of the summit was focused on “Sharing Experiences and Observations of the Islamic Countries’ Medical Staff in Dealing with COVID-19”.

The second day focused on “Scientific discoveries, Technological innovations and Strategies Facing Coronavirus Challenges”.

Participants at the summit emphasized the importance of sharing knowledge, experiences, and achievements in this critical time to synergize the capacities and capabilities of scientists and experts in the Islamic world to help solve this global crisis.

Click here to read the summit report.