Report: Evaluation of the Brazil-UNICEF Trilateral South-South Cooperation Programme

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This independent external evaluation assesses and analyzes progress within the scope of the Trilateral South-South Cooperation (TSSC) programme of the Government of Brazil and UNICEF Brazil, looking at the scope of six years of implementation with 16 partner countries. The evaluation brings relevant knowledge around tested TSSC strategies and identifies a series of key lessons on what works for children, what doesn’t and why this is so, highlighting good practices and persisting challenges.

Summative and formative in nature, the external evaluation seeks to generate useful knowledge, especially with regards to the joint application of South-South Cooperation and child-rights principles, by assessing and documenting results at output and outcome levels, looking at the criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

Following the concluding remarks, the evaluation brings a list of strategic recommendations for programme adjustments. Expectations are that the insights brought about by the evaluation will not only help inform the future directions of the Brazil-UNICEF TSSC programme, but also the larger South-South Cooperation agenda of the Brazilian Government and UNICEF globally, as well as other relevant stakeholders.