Year of Fighting Back, SMEStreet in 2020

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India is a land of great opportunities and huge entrepreneurial potential. Till January 2020 over 6.5 Million MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) were operating. But, COVID-19 pandemic along with a nationwide lockdown has made the economic life very challenging. In fact, the entire economic cycle is badly affected and the biggest sufferer is the MSME segment.*

There are several surveys and market research activities have produced findings which have indicated that the COVID-19 Pandemic phase might put an end to the existence of over 25 to 30% of total MSMEs.

This is a very serious alarming situation and Government agencies have stepped forward and created a robust and comprehensive stimulus package for the MSME sector. Apart from this stimulus package, there are several steps been taken by the government agencies including MSME Ministry and Finance Ministry aimed at ensuring the survival of MSME sector.

Well, we at SMEStreet strongly believe that the vision of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is solely aimed to revive the economic growth and Policies of MSME Ministry under the leadership of Shri Nitin Gadkari ensure the prosperity of MSME sector and MSME entrepreneurs. Believing in this vision, SMEStreet Foundation is committed to adding value in the MSME ecosystem by ensuring the correct set of information and knowledge to reach to the MSME level and connect them with the best opportunity around. was established in 2014, since then the platform working as an unbiased forum and voice for the MSME sector. The platform has evolved from media platform to an influencer and connected ecosystem for MSMEs.

The year 2020 came with several challenges. But the important aspect is MSMEs are committed to fight back and thrive in the post-COVID Pandemic Scenario. This year with several initiatives and plans, SMEStreet is targeting to get connected with over 15 Lakh (1.5 Million) MSMEs across India.

Considering the need of the hour, which is MSME’s upliftment for the Post COVID-19 Phase, here are the following programs that SMEStreet is planning:

SMEStreet Foundation Activities in 2020

MSMEs’ Centre of Excellence   For​ ​Work from Home Readiness 

In the COVID-19 Times, the entire world is unanimously seeking two things, firstly an End to the Pandemic Crisis and a solid Economic Restart.

Well, the second part of Economic restart is very important for all of us here because the role of MSMEs will ultimately decide the pace of this economic revival. However, this COVID 19 there are few important lessons are learnt and one of them is the preparedness of MSMEs from a technology standpoint.

The work from home phenomena has become a new normal. But to successfully execute the work from home model MSMEs must have clear understanding and know-how on the relevance of contemporary technologies that are required for becoming Work from Home Ready.

SMEStreet Centre for Excellence on Work From Home is intuitive to give a comprehensive roadmap on various technologies that can drive the WFH model for MSMEs. In this, forum, SMEStreet will anchor content and facilitate interactions with MSMEs on the aspect of essential technologies that can ensure smooth functioning of MSME businesses from WFM models.

Technologies that will get featured here are:

  • Collaboration Technologies
  • Cyber Security & Data Safety
  • Mobility
  • Software Applications
  • Smart Office
  • Cloud-Based Solutions For Business Efficiency
  • Tech-Driven Decision Making

SMEStreet League of Men​tors

Facilitating One-on-One Mentoring for MSMEs

In order to uplift the MSMEs with right knowledge and expertise which MSMEs themselves cant access easily, SMEStreet is committed to bringing together expertise on various areas such as Finance, Policies, HR, Legal, Banking, Exports and much more.

Supporting agencies for this initiative are Ministry of MSME & National Small Industries Corp. For More:

SMEStreet Leadership Milestones Awards

The initiative was launched by DC-MSME, Govt of India Shri Ram Mohan Mishra in January 2020. These awards are planned in a way that they recognize and facilitate the Success Milestones of MSMEs, and Can also highlight the role models for MSME Inspiration.

For More: ​

SMEStreet MSME-PSU Connect

Connecting PSUs with MSMEs

New Procurement Policy by the Government of India is strong evidence of govt’s commitment to supporting MSMEs. But, even after more than 6 years of this policy in place, there is a huge scope of doing better in terms of MSMEs’ availing the benefits of this policy.

However, SMEStreet has understood the real issues of why MSMEs still find it challenging to avail the best out of this policy. And the reason for this is lack of information and preparedness with required quality for PSUs and large corporates.

In a bid to resolve this issue, SMEStreet is excited to formulate a program in which MSMEs are educated, developed to do business with PSUs. In this program, we will train and educate MSMEs according to the required MSME capabilities by PSUs.

Banking & Finance Connect

This initiative is aimed to educate and prepare MSMEs with respect to Banking Needs. This initiative will also help MSME to get connected with Banks.

SMEStreet Training & Development

Training, Skill Development and Education Certifications

Bringing MSME back on track, requires a multidimensional approach. One important dimension is the development of MSME workforce or Human Capital. There is a group of faculty members who are leading the SMEStreet Education & Certification Streams in various areas such as Finance, Technology, HR, Soft Skills, Management Skills, Technology, Digital MArketing, Marketing etc.

SMEStreet Global Gateways Report Series

A Special Analysis report on the Exports and Trade Opportunities with Indian MSMEs and specific geography (Specific Country) or a Featured Country.

This activity was started in 2016 and since then SMEStreet published Global Gateways Report in association with ICICI Bank & Kaspersky Labs and featured countries such as Iran, South Africa & Japan.

With this note, on behalf of SMEStreet, we are seeking your guidance and support in order to make all these activities efficiently meaningful for MSMEs. You can write to me for any kind of suggestion, question, support & guidance on any of the above-mentioned programs.

Thanking you & Best Regards,

Faiz Askari
SMEStreet Foundation

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