The value added of triangular co-operation: Lessons learned from the EU-LAC Programme for Triangular Co-operation (ADELANTE)

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This report was written by Nadine Piefer-Söyler and Néstor Pelechà Aigües with Juan Casado-Asensio and Ana Fernandes (Foresight, Outreach and Policy Reform Unit, OECD Development Co-operation Directorate), and in strong collaboration with Leticia Casañ Jensen (European Commission), Javier Gavilanes, Laura Cabral, and Hicham Boughdadi (ADELANTE Technical Assistance team). The authors would like to thank colleagues of the eight ADELANTE projects: Strengthening Restorative Justice; EDEM Support and promotion of the development of the regional strategy of entrepreneurship, innovation and business development in Mesoamerica; Red Calle Development of care policies for people in street situation; Proyecto SEDA Sustainable Sericulture; EVALÚA Evaluation of Public Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean; DIALOGAS Inclusive Development in Latin America: an Opportunity for Governments and Social Sectors; Mirada Ciudadana Good Governance in Mercosur Municipalities and Cuba Food Security Contributing to food security for the population of Cuba, that responded the OECD Toolkit Questionnaire. The report benefited from comments, inputs and discussions with all team members and representatives of the ADELANTE projects. The authors thank Alejandro Guerrero Ruiz of the OECD/DCD Review, Results, Evaluation and Development Innovation Division (RREDI) for his peer review of the paper and insightful comments.