Good Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the Context of Food Security

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Good Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the Context of Food Security Featured Image

Executive Summary

The good practices presented in this compendium are based on the data collected during the Brazil Africa Forum 2019, an international event organized by the Brazil Africa Institute that gathered representatives of government, the private sector and civil society from over 40 countries to discuss the theme “food security: paths to economic growth”.

The two-day event, held in São Paulo, Brazil, and attended by nearly 300 international representatives, addressed the main challenges in agriculture, livestock and food security. With plenary sessions and side events, representatives from the United Nations system, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa and many other institu- tions discussed a myriad of agriculture-related themes.

The Forum focused on creating a platform for dialogue, one that could strengthen cooperation on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 (zero hunger), in order to foster innovation and productiv- ity, paving the way for a new African agriculture.

With an opening ceremony attended by the Vice-President of Brazil, H.E. Mr. Hamilton Mourão, the Forum achieved its convergence-building mission. Many good practices and experiences were shared throughout the event, with a focus not only on domestic policies but also on South-South cooperation and trian- gular cooperation initiatives.

The thematic sessions of the Forum looked at governance and political engagement, agro-energy and food processing, the green revolution and sustainable practices, agro-finance and credit mechanisms, international trade and macroeconomic policies, and water management and resource optimization.

This compilation features good practices from the global South, mainly from Brazil and the Africa region that are relevant to the implementation of SDG 2.

They feature innovative initiatives on agriculture and food security that illustrate the central tenets of effective South-South and triangular cooperation, including initiatives that involve and benefit a great number of people in two or more Southern countries, that address transnational development challenges, that present solutions that have been piloted and scaled up, and that have tangible development outcomes that address the attainment SDG 2.

The evidence gathered in these good practices aim to benefit developing countries that seek to scale up South-South and triangular cooperation initiatives, in particular with respect to widening the application of policies, strategies and programmes.