KOICA, SENAI of BRAZIL and DINAC of Paraguay partner to strength the Aircraft´s Maintenance Sector in Paraguay through Triangular Cooperation.

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10 February 2021 – KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), Brazil´s SENAI (National Service of Industrial Apprenticeship) and Paraguay´s DINAC (National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) providing a framework for cooperation to develop technical and educational programs in the field of aircraft maintenance for professionals in Paraguay.

“Although the aviation infrastructure in Paraguay still has a lot of shortcomings, it has a great growth potential,” said Kim Dae-hwan, Director of the KOICA Office in Paraguay. He added, “I hope that from a mid to long-term perspective, through this project, Paraguay will transform into a hub for fostering aviation experts in South America.”

The MOU aims to achieve the following objectives: (a) To improve the capacity-building program and education system of DINAC in the area of aircraft maintenance; (b) To strengthen the management and effective operation of the aircraft maintenance education program of DINAC; and (c) To build the capacity of aircraft maintenance instructors and professionals to provide high quality services for the aviation industry.

KOICA will support and supervise the triangular cooperation program, while Paraguay’s DINAC will provide administrative support, including the selection and deployment of experts to facilitate aviation maintenance instructors as well as information sharing. From its side, SENAI in Brazil will provide aviation training programs, curricula and training materials tailored to the needs of DINAC, and deploy additional resources required to nurture human resources.

SENAI is a non-profit organization operated by the Confederation of Brazilian Industries and it is the only training organization in Brazil that provides aviation training and education for the Brazilian Air Force. This triangular cooperation effort is expected to generate synergy effects, as South Korea’s competence in maintenance for large-scale aircraft will be added to Brazil’s strengths in the small-scale aircraft maintenance sector.

The Agreement was signed as part of a project for strengthening the capacity of aviation professionals in Paraguay*, currently supported by KOICA. KOICA established the Master Plan for the Development of National Airports in Paraguay** in 2017. In accordance with strategies of the master plan, KOICA plans to: (a) establish a master plan including systematic training courses and capacity building operation system; (b) develop training curricula, programs, and training materials for three sectors in aviation (pilot, air traffic controller, maintenance crew); (c) deploy and invite experts for training courses to nurture professional manpower; (d) build a hangar and an aviation education and training center; and (e) provide up-to-date infrastructure including training equipment.

* The Project for strengthening the capacity of aviation professional in Paraguay (2019-2022 / 11 million USD)

** Establishment of the Master Plan for the Development of National Airports in Paraguay (2014-2017 / 3 million USD)

Paraguay is located at the center of the Latin American continent and has great potential to grow into an aviation transport hub in the region. In response to the increasing demand for aviation, refurbishment and expansion work is underway at the Asuncion International Airport, and there is an ever-growing manpower demand in the aviation sector as well. However, the workforce in the sector is lagging far behind the rising demand*.

* As of 2015, the aviation sector was in need of 687 pilots, 973 maintenance workers, and 56 air traffic controllers. But, the actual workforce in the sector was 50 pilots (7.3%), 139 maintenance workers (14.3%), and 50 air traffic controllers (89.3%).

Against this backdrop, triangular cooperation between the partners aims to create jobs and address the manpower shortage by fostering a professional workforce in Paraguay’s aviation sector. In addition, based on this project, Paraguay plans to secure maintenance certification to ensure aircraft from neighboring countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and the United States can receive maintenance services in Paraguay. Paraguay has lower taxes compared to its neighbors by up to 30%, relatively swift customs clearance, and a high level of openness in the aviation market (aviation agreements have been signed with 44 countries). Therefore, it is also expected that the project could help Paraguay, with its advantages in cost and competence, to expand to other markets in the world.

In addition to the aviation project, the KOICA Office in Paraguay provides support focusing on the nation’s transportation sector, such as capacity building for roadway technology and public transportation improvement projects to establish sustainable transportation systems in Paraguay.

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