The Workshop on Metrology for the Least Developed Countries held in Turkey

  The Workshop on Metrology for the Least Developed Countries was successfully held on 26 – 27 November 2018, in Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey. The workshop was jointly organized by the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South […]

World Bank Results Story: South-South Knowledge Exchange to Improve Teacher Quality in Moldova

In July 2015, a team from Moldova visited major institutions in Santiago, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. The team learned about how Chile has implemented education reforms. Particularly enlightening was information about a planned new education law that would lead […]

World Bank Impact Story: Sustainable Coffee Farming in Burundi

In 2013, when the Government of Burundi expressed interest in shade-grown coffee, a World Bank Team reached out to the South-South Facility and TerrAfrica for funds to conduct a knowledge exchange between Colombia and Burundi. Colombia has a centuries-old tradition […]

World Bank Impact Story: Reducing Stunting in Madagascar

The Malagasy Government asked for World Bank assistance to understand and address child stunting, so the Bank supported a knowledge exchange between BRAC Bangladesh and Madagascar National Community Nutrition Program. Bangladesh had faced similar challenges as Madagascar but was able […]

World Bank Impact Story: Improving Food Security in Africa

To scale up use of innovative and climate-smart agriculture practices in Africa, in 2010 the World Bank provided funding to establish the Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Marketplace (MKTPlace) for small-holder farmers. Ever since, the online MKTplace has brought scientists, farmers, financiers, […]

World Bank Impact Story: Energy Efficiency in Thailand

In 2011, Thailand, highly committed to climate-friendly development, was studying policy options to reduce GHG emissions through energy efficiency measures. They were at a crucial stage and needed practical information on how to reduce energy consumption. Since India had been […]