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Agenda 2063 and SDGs Implementation in Africa

This is the first report by the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) to assess the governance mechanisms implementing the SDGs and Agenda 2063 at the continental level. Why is the APRM producing this report? The importance of good governance in […]
Launch of Africas Governance Response to Covid 19 Featured Image


This preliminary report presents outcomes of a study conducted to examine Africa’s governance response to the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, (herein referred to as COVID-19 or the pandemic). It presents a summary of the immediate measures, and medium-term and long-term policy […]
Triangular Co-operation Publication

Triangular Co-operation in the Era of the 2030 Agenda

Triangular Co-operation in the Era of the 2030 Agenda is a publication by the Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) on Effective Triangular Co-operation. It was prepared by a team led by the OECD Development Co-operation Directorate, consisting of Nadine Piefer (lead, […]
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Delhi Process Fifth Conference: Key Takeaways

Report on South-South Cooperation In Ibero-America 2018 Report Cover Image

Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-America 2018

The Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-America 2018 is the most comprehensive intergovernmental systematization of South-South Cooperation in a developing region.

6th Brazil Africa Forum – Youth Empowerment, Transformation to Achieve Sustainable Development (2018)


LÍNEASUR 13 – Revista de Política Exterior (Feb-May 2018)


Mapping South-South Cooperation in ASEAN (2018)

This publication is a collaborative endeavour initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand, the ASEAN Secretariat and the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC).

Colombia Has Changed – Innovations for Development (2018)


Filling the Knowledge Gap in South-South Cooperation: An Evaluation Framework and Its Application in China-Tanzania Cooperation (2018)


High-level Forum of DGs for Development Cooperation – Voices of SSTrC Practitioners and the Road towards BAPA+40 (2017)

FOREWORD The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with their 169 targets came into effect in January 2016 as the common international goals, applicable not only for developing countries but for all the countries on the planet. They are now guiding […]

United Nations System-wide South-South Cooperation Strategy: Strengthening its Political Character and Credibility?

The UNOSSC has been mandated to lead the drafting of the UN System-wide South-South Cooperation Strategy. This is a major development within the UN System. This paper, by Zanofer Ismalebbe, provides some thoughts on how to better integrate the aspirations […]