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The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) welcomes partnerships with actors interested in collaborating towards creating a prosperous future for countries of the South. Given the broad array of challenges and opportunities existing today across developing countries, UNOSSC knows that partnering with others is not only invaluable but also necessary to advance our mission to reduce poverty and attain sustainability.

Developing countries and their institutions are increasingly engaging in collaboration among themselves as a catalytic tool to accelerate development by capitalizing on each other’s approaches and solutions. To further unleash the potential of South-South cooperation, we are ready to work with you in the promotion and facilitation of South-South cooperation towards the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Together, let’s create a world where no one is left behind.

Ways in which UNOSSC can partner with you include:

Jointly organizing events: conferences, workshops, forums, etc. on specialized thematic areas to explore common challenges and develop strategies for joint action.

Showcasing Southern development solutions, for example by capitalizing on the platform UNOSSC provides through the annual Global South-South Development EXPO (GSSD).

Collaborating on reports: UNOSSC works with organizations and governments to publish reports such as the series South-South in Action. UNOSSC works with experts and thinkers to discuss real-world examples and emerging viewpoints on South-South Cooperation.

Coordinating research: partnering to coordinate data gathering and research on South-South and triangular cooperation, as well as to provide visibility for analysis, reviews of overall trends and conclusions.

Preparing for BAPA +40: co-leading policy debates and the production of policy papers contributing to the preparatory process of the 40th Anniversary of the Buenos Aires Plan of Action in 2018.

Facilitating talent management and visibility for your Southern experts: UNOSSC developed and managed an online platform in which partners build and manage interlinked rosters of experts (see more about WIDE). Currently the office is exploring the opportunity to integrate the system into a UN wide platform. (see more about WIDE).

Linking our online knowledge platforms to further expand the sharing of documentation and learning tools, or contributing Southern development solutions from our projects, activities and publications to your systems.

Advancing programmes or projects: formulating joint initiatives in thematic areas of common interest which are of high impact to the South, mobilizing partnerships and implementing activities.

Managing South-South Trust Fund: establishing trust funds with UN-wide mandate, managed by UNOSSC to provide you with broad reach and partnerships for implementation of activities across the globe, as well as visibility among Member States and across the United Nations system (see more about South-South Trust Fund Management).

Member states partnering with the UNOSSC to implement South-South Cooperation has impactful development results.
Member states partnering with the UNOSSC to implement South-South Cooperation has impactful development results.

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