Alliance of NGOs and CSOs for South-South Cooperation

Our Mission

To enhance civil society’s understanding of the value of South-South Cooperation in developmental, humanitarian and related spheres.

Our Vision

To target the Sustainable Development Goals through supporting capacity-building, advocacy and knowledge sharing within South South and Triangular Cooperation.

About Us

The Alliance of NGOs and CSOs for South-South Cooperation (ANCSSC) coordinated by Dr Husna Ahmad OBE, was established at a meeting of NGOs and CSOs at the Ninth Global South-South Development Expo, hosted by the Government of Turkey, in collaboration with the UN Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), in Antalya, Turkey, in November 2017.
The Alliance strives to enhance civil society’s understanding of the value of South-South Cooperation in developmental, humanitarian and related spheres. It encourages sharing of knowledge, expertise and contextually appropriate technologies and assets among NGOs and CSOs, particularly the ones that have been developed in their respective organizational and operational experiences in developing countries.
While conceptually South-South cooperation is not new, it was reinvigorated at the United Nations’ Conference on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 1978. The Buenos Aires Plan of Action for Promoting and Implementing Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (BAPA), adopted at that conference, has lent policy and operational guidance to governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and other stake-holders in promoting SSC modalities in their humanitarian and development efforts, with commendable outcomes.

Three main areas that our work focus on are: capacity building with our NGOs, knowledge sharing and awareness raising about South-South Cooperation.
Three main areas that our work focus on are: capacity building with our NGOs, knowledge sharing and awareness raising about South-South Cooperation.

Aims of the ANCSSC

The Alliance of NGOs and CSOs for South-South Cooperation (ANCSSC) is an international network of NGOs and CSOs whose activities include undertaking and supporting developmental, humanitarian, and related programs and projects in developing countries. It aims especially at promoting collective self-reliance among its member organisations in developing countries through the sharing of experiences, expertise, best practices and other assets. (UNOSSC, 2017)
The Network liaises with governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations to promote South-South Cooperation policies and disseminate best practices across its work. It aims to collaborate with the UNOSSC in pursuit of, among other things, internationally agreed development goals, including the SDGs, through the deployment of appropriate SSC modalities and approaches in developmental and humanitarian situations as needed.
The activities of the ANCSSC are aimed at popularising South-South Cooperation modalities and approaches in the work of NGOs and CSOs in developing countries wherever these are deemed more appropriate and cost effective in undertaking specific tasks. Towards this goal, it seeks to strengthen the capacities of NGOs and CSOs when and where needed, through partnerships with other NGOs and CSOs capable of providing such services. In alignment with this overall goal, the objectives of the ANCSSC are as follows:

a. To promote South-South cooperation in the work of NGOs and CSOs in developmental, humanitarian and related spheres.
b. To take stock of SSC practices in NGOs and CSOs since the adoption of BAPA
c. To develop a shared understanding on the concepts, development context and issues on SSC as viewed from the perspective of NGOs and CSOs, and the common principles that should guide SSC in their respective domains.
d. To facilitate the strengthening of capacities of NGOs and CSOs; where needed, through the sharing of expertise, best practices, staff trainings and other assets among themselves.
e. To play a collective role of advocacy in international fora in support and promotion of South-South Cooperation policies and practices.

The ANCSSC Secretariat

The ANCSSC Secretariat is represented from left to right by:
-Inès Belliard- Research and Development Officer
-Dr. Hana Albanna- Program Manager
-Dr. Husna Ahmad OBE, Coordinator
-Mr. Matt Fallon- Research and Development Officer

ANCSSC Secretariat

The Steering Committee

ANCSSC Steering Committee

The Alliance of NGOs and CSOs for South-South Cooperation is represented by a geographically diverse committee in order to better understand the developmental needs of the Global South.

-Dr. Husna Ahmad OBE, Coordinator of ANCSSC, CEO of Global One 2015
-Mr. Mark O’Byran, Head of Programmes, PennyAppeal, Australia, representing the Asia-Pacific region
-Ms. Christina Petrakis, Independent Consultant, United States of America/Africa, representing the African continent.
-Ms. Lyn Angelica D. Pano, Global Coordinator of the Reality of Aid Network, Philippines, representing the East-Asian region.
-Mr. Jonathon Cummings, World Human Accountability Organization, representing China as well as African countries in the Global South.
-Mr. Farid Muhammad, CEO of International Human Right Association for American Minorities, representing the African continent.
-Attiya Nawazish Ali, Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Pakistan, representing South Asia as well as having an expertise in the Muslim World.
-Dr. Rouba Mhaissen, Founder & Director of the Sawa Foundation, UK, Sawa for Development and Aid, Lebanon and Syria, teaches Development Studies at American University, representing Lebanon and Syria.
-Sehija Dedovic, CEO at Center for Education and Research, “NAHLA”, Sarajevo, Bosnia, representing the Balkan region.

Past Events


The ANCSSC held a side event at BAPA+40 on Tuesday 19th March which took place at the Faculty of Law, the University of Buenos Aires. This event sought to celebrate the work that has been achieved through NGOs and CSOs in nations of the Global South in the past 40 years, and how the Alliance envisions future developments towards achieving the SDGs.
Dr. Husna Ahmad spoke of the increasing need for partnership and collaboration across the NGO sector, and about the ways in which we must harness the opportunities provided to us, without creating a culture of competition and rivalry between NGOs. There was strong emphasis on the need for NGOs to make their voices heard on an international level and against global players in order to facilitate the pursuit toward achieving the SDGs, and to act as valuable contributors to the development and political process.


Following BAPA+40, we were delighted to also host an event in Jordan in April 2019 which sought to introduce the Alliance of NGOs and CSOs for South-South Cooperation (ANCSSC) to a wider audience with a particular focus on UN agencies, bodies and non-governmental organisations working within the Middle East region. There was a keynote address by Her Excellency, Dr Mary Kawar, Minister for Planning and International Cooperation, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This was followed by a keynote speech and presentation from Dr Husna Ahmad OBE, Coordinator of the ANCSSC.

Upcoming Event

The Alliance will be holding a side-event at the upcoming High-Level Political forum on Sustainable Development.
The event will seek to discuss “How South-South Cooperation is promoting Inclusiveness and Equality”
The objective of the ANCSSC side event during the HLPF will be to review the SDGs under discussion from the perspective of South-South Cooperation. As the theme of the HLPF will be “Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality” we will explore some of the barriers to inclusiveness and equality in the South and discuss what South-South Cooperation modalities are being utilised to tackle the SDGs under review. We will also invite speakers to focus on SDGs 16 and 17 and how we as civil society and the NGO sector can improve our interventions through strengthened partnerships and better governance in member states.
Through this side event the ANCSSC is hoping to engage both secular and faith-based NGOs who are attending the HLPF and the Kofi Annan briefings.

The side event is open to all participants from:

• NGOs and CSOs
• Member States
• UN system
• Intergovernmental Organisations
• Private sector
• Academia