United Nations Fund for South-South Cooperation

The United Nations Fund for South-South cooperation (UNFSSC) is a voluntary trust fund established by Member States to support South-South cooperation partnerships for the benefit of developing countries around the world. Member States called for the establishment of this Fund in General Assembly resolution 50/119 of December 1995, and a decade later, following the adoption of General Assembly resolution 60/212 of 2005, the Voluntary Trust Fund for the Promotion of South-South Cooperation was renamed the United Nations Fund for South-South Cooperation.

Since its establishment, UNFSSC has aimed to promote, support and implement South-South cooperation by facilitating voluntary contributions and the strategic allocation of resources based on priorities identified by developing countries. The Fund is a legal, operational and governance framework for engaging partners, pooling resources and jointly implementing South-South cooperation.

UNFSSC constitutes a core element of United Nations support to Member States, enabling Southern countries to leverage their collective strength to increase the volume of South-South exchanges, involve partners, dedicate resources, capitalize on synergies and incubate initiatives for the joint implementation of innovative, transformative South-South cooperation activities.

The mobilization and implementation of activities through UNFSSC are characterized by strong partnerships, with leadership and governance by all stakeholders The Fund is under the management of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) and receives support from a range of partners, including numerous Member States, United Nations agencies and other international or regional organizations. Since its establishment, contributions to UNFSSC have totaled over $28.5 million, provided primarily by United Nations Member States.

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This report is produced as part of the UNOSSC Director’s commitment to continuously enhance the transparency, efficiency and accountability of funds managed by UNOSSC. It describes contributions, implementation and activities during 2016, which represents the third year of implementation of the UNOSSC strategic framework, 2014-2017.

Analysis and discussion of UNFSSC financial trends are also provided through an overview of the period 2009-2015. In addition, this report responds to the Nairobi outcome document call for improved information-gathering and reporting on South-South cooperation and to General Assembly resolution 67/226 on the quadrennial comprehensive policy review of operational activities for development of the United Nations system, which calls for entities of the United Nations development system to enhance reporting on support to and results achieved through South-South and triangular cooperation.

This report contributes to efforts of the United Nations system to strengthen the quality of system-wide reporting on funding and performance and enhances programming for results. Moreover, it is not only an exercise in reporting and results management but also a means of informing policy-level discussions of Member States on pilot and pivotal South-South cooperation activities undertaken with the United Nations system.

Several recent initiatives under the UNFSSC include:

Knowledge Exchange in Peace Building through South-South and Triangular Cooperation

The Knowledge Exchange in Peace Building through South-South and Triangular Cooperation initiative is a collaboration between the Colombian Presidential Agency of International Cooperation (APC-Colombia) and the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) to analyze and document Southern peacebuilding case studies.

Facility for Capacity Development through South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Science and Technology

The objective of the Facility for Capacity Development through South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Science and Technology is to share the development experience and know-how in science, technology, and information and communication technologies of the Republic of Korea and its partners as a way of bringing knowledge and technology application to bear in order to promote the social and economic advancement of developing countries in line with the post-2015 development agenda.

Southern Climate Partnership Incubator

The Southern Climate Partnership Incubator (SCPI) is designed to foster, support and promote South-South and triangular cooperation in climate change in order to assist Member States to meet the ambitious goals outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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