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UNOSSC, China youth group launch training program for entrepreneurs in developing countries

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) — The UN office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) and Shenzhen Youth Federation on Saturday jointly launched a program aiming to train 10,000 young entrepreneurs in developing countries, with an emphasis on Africa young people. At […]


2019 年 9 月 21 日可持续发展目标 在2019年青年气候峰会期间,联合国南南合作办公室 (UNOSSC) 与深圳青年联合会、非洲联盟委员会和秘书长青年特使办公室共同承诺启动 “全球南方青年企业家万人计划” ,拟通过南南合作和三方合作伙伴,为发展中国家尤其是非洲的青年企业家和创业者提供“一站式”的培训、支持和服务,振兴和支持全球发展中国家的企业和创业生态系统。  企业家是创新和变革推动者   发展中国家需要他们助力实现可持续发展目标 2019年3月,在第二届联合国南南合作高级别会议(BAPA + 40)上强调了南南合作和三方合作在创造就业机会中的作用。高级别会议的成果文件肯定,南南合作和三方合作在能力建设、加强人力资源和教育方面发挥着重要作用。因此,联合国南南合作办公室和深圳青年联合会,在非洲联盟委员会和秘书长青年事务办公室的共同支持下制定和启动了 “全球南方青年企业家万人计划” (YES)。 “全球南方青年企业家万人计划” (简称YES计划)、“南南合作能力建设培训” 以及“南南合作奖学金和青年学者” 是联合国南南合作办公室旗下“南方青年领袖培养计划” (Youth4South)的三大支柱。 YES 计划是根据发展合作伙伴提出的需求而设计的,它为来自全球南方尤其是非洲的年轻企业家和创业者提供了创业和技能开发培训、技术,孵化和种子资金支持,旨在为他们提供创业和自主就业职业技能,并促进发展中国家创业生态系统的发展。 YES计划将支持应对气候变化技术创新创业来支持气候行动。YES计划将支持数字化变革和绿色及可再生技术的应用,适应气候变化的小型综合农业企业创业,新兴企业和减少碳排放的创新解决方案。 YES计划的目标是在未来五年内链接并培训来自发展中国家 尤其是非洲的1万名青年企业家和创业者。此外,YES旨在孵化并资助100个创新发展解决方案和商业构想,为青年提供培训、指导、技术、孵化和资金支持等。 YES计划旨在扩大年轻企业家在全球和区域平台上的参与,并增进他们与业界领袖和投资者的交流和互动。 YES还将通过在线实践和培训平台,为年轻企业家提供接触市场和投资的渠道。 YES计划已于2019年启动实施,首次培训将与非洲联盟委员会于2019年11月初在马达加斯加合办,关注青年和妇女赋权创业能力和领导力培训。随后在11月中旬将在中国深圳第三届国际青年创新大会期间组织第二次培训,主要关注数字技术创业与创新。第三次培训拟与西非国家经济共同体(ECOWAS),于12月在塞拉利昂组织,关注数字支付平台技术和金融技术培训。2020年,应相关合作伙伴的需求,联合国南南合作办公室与西非国家经济共同体和世界粮食计划署(WFP)中国卓越中心等合作伙伴筹划,拟于马里、科特迪瓦与中国组织相关培训。

South-South Cooperation ‘Accelerates’ Us Toward 2030 Goals, UN Chief says on International Day

Collaboration among countries of the global south offers a “unique pathway” that accelerates us towards the key 2030 sustainable development targets, UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, told a commemorative event for South-South Cooperation (SSC) on Thursday. This year’s United Nations Day dedicated to the initiative, annually observed […]

India-UN Fund Reduces Maternal Mortality in Mauritania

The Government of India supports South-South cooperation through the financing of over 40 initiatives and projects across the Global South through its India-UN Development Partnership Fund. In July 2018, the Mauritanian Government’s Ministry of Health launched a project, entitled “Enhancing […]

New Technology Could Expand Scope of South-South Cooperation, UN Envoy Says

South-South Cooperation is “essential, and critical” in reaching the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals agenda come 2030, and the digital world will play an instrumental role. That’s from Jorge Chediek, the Special Envoy of the Secretary General and Director of the UN Office on […]

South-South Galaxy to be launched on UN Day for South-South Cooperation, 12 September

The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation along with development partners has developed a global knowledge sharing and partnership-brokering platform – South-South Galaxy. Powered by artificial intelligence, this platform aims to respond systematically and effectively in supporting developing countries’ demand […]

Global Trade & Financial Governance for Inclusive Development

Delhi Process V – South South and Triangular Cooperation: Exploring New Opportunities and New Partnerships Post-BAPA+40 By Hany Besada, Senior Research/Programme Advisor, UNOSSC* There is widespread consensus in international development discourse that South-South Cooperation is quickly taking centre stage of […]

India-UN Development Partnership Fund Bridging Digital Divide in Papua New Guinea

As a strong proponent of South-South cooperation and Agenda 2030, India is supporting over 40 Least Developed Countries, Small Island Developing States and Landlocked Developing Countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through its India-UN Development Partnership Fund. For example, the […]

First South-South in Action with Private Sector Launched in Thailand

The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) and Siam Cement Group (SCG) launched a South-South in Action publication on 26 August 2019 during the SCG Sustainable Development Symposium. Over 1,600 people participated in the Symposium entitled, “SD Symposium 10 […]

Rome-based Agencies celebrate 2019 UN SSC Day

6 September 2019 | WFP Headquarters Auditorium (Rome) For the third consecutive year, the Rome-based Agencies (RBAs) jointly celebrated the 2019 United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation. Organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural […]

Republic of Korea Input is Required in the Political and Technical Processes of South-South and Triangular Cooperation

Mr. Jorge Chediek, Director of UNOSSC and Envoy of the Secretary-General on South-South Cooperation, met with Han-Deog Cho, Program Strategy and Policy Planning Department Director-General of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Mr. Chediek noted that the outcomes of the […]

RoK/UNOSSC Facility Steering Committee Calls for Extension of Cooperation

“The Republic of Korea’s contribution to development cooperation is by example giving hope to other countries, that they can replicate the miracle of evolving from one of the world’s poorest countries to an OECD-DAC member,” said Jorge Chediek, Director of […]